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Another year...

Dog Blossom

   ...has passed and we hope you and your animals have been keeping well. If some stiffness has crept in with the cold weather, why not consider an assessment with Hannah to find ways of getting through the winter without loosing condition? Often a coat or well fitted rug make a difference. Exercises can help to keep flexible and fit despite reduced outdoor exercise. If muscles are sore modalities such as heat therapy and massage can help and Hannah will show you how to best comfort your animal. Thanks a lot Birgit Graham for the lovely picture of Toby in the snow on our Christmas card.

Iris is currently on maternaty leave. If you are on repeat herbal prescriptions please make sure you have enough to last until End of February. Things going well she might be able to post you herbs until January 11th. Please contact her via email ([email protected]) or text message on 07974 394157.

Maternity cover: We have looked near and far for vets with similar qualifications and a genuinely holistic attitude. You can book to see Birgit Ahlemeyer, a holistic vet with decades of experience, 20th of January 2017 at Arrowfield Vets. She has the same international acupuncture qualification, a similar background in herbal medicine and has been using homeopathy since 1989. To find out more please visit
She can also post herbs and homeopathic remedies while Iris is not available.

For cases that need seeing more than once or on other days we recommend Ailsa Main BVMS MRCVS cert vet acupuncture (ABVA). Alisa holds a British certificate in acupuncture and uses homeopathy as well. She treats dogs and cats at Belmont veterinary surgery in Hereford. Please ring 01432 370155 for appointments or email [email protected].

Hannah is going to be available for appointments as usual and in musculo-skeletal conditions achieves similar effects to acupuncture treatments using the laser and manual techniques. If you would like her for a talk for your club or charity please get in touch to discuss topics. You can also find us on facebook.
If you have any questions please contact us:
Hannah Price (chartered Physiotherapist): 01497 851608 or [email protected]
Iris Ege (Vet, certified veterinary acupuncturist and herbalist): 07974 394157 or [email protected]

We look forward to hearing from you.
Warm regards

Hannah and Iris