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Iris Ege, Dr med vet, MRCVS, Cert Vet Ac

Iris grew up on a smallholding in Germany. In her teens she became an active member of the local riding club and took the practical and theoretical exams for the riding pass (safe hacking) and DRA Class IV and III (Theory, Dressage and Jumping). Today she lives with her husband, son, cat Sandy and the whippet Blossom in rural Herefordshire and rides just for pleasure.
She studied Veterinary Medicine at the Justus-Liebig-University Giessen in Germany and graduated in 2003.
She has practised veterinary acupuncture since 2004. After her graduation as a vet she started her Acupuncture training with the ATF, the German Association for Veterinary Continuing Education. She trained in Wings® Animal-Kinesiology and did here Practitioner exam Aug. 2007. This enables her to access other complementary therapy forms, especially for chronic cases.
2011-2012 she did the international acupuncture training (IVAS), took the written and practical exam and fulfilled the requirements for certification January 2013.
Iris covers the fields of Traditional as well as Western Acupuncture and Low Level Laser Therapy. To enhance or sustain the effects, she often uses herbs as well. She combines the scientific approach to herbal medicine with holistic herbal knowledge.
April 2008 until October 2012 Iris has worked in general practice for Arrowfield Veterinary Group in Kington, Herefordshire. Besides horses, dogs and cats she has treated cattle and pet goats holistically, having good results. Acupuncture has become her main interest and October 2012 she left mixed practice to focus on alternative veterinary medicine and started in depth herbal training with Integrate. 2020 she gained a certificate in veterinary herbal medicine with CIVT which took into account her training in Britain and her experience and certifies 500 hours of CPD. January 2013 she became founding member of A.P. Vet LTD to facilitate the team approach for the benefit of the patients.

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Andreas Ege, Dr med vet MRCVS

Andreas wanted to become a vet almost as long as he can remember. Though born and bred in a largish industrial city in Germany, he always wanted to treat all kinds of animals, large and small.
After graduating 2001 from Justus-Liebig-University, Giessen, Germany he spent three years researching a viral disease in cattle and pigs, achieving a doctorate in veterinary medicine in 2007. Since 2005 he has been working as a general practitioner mainly in small to medium sized mixed practices and since 2017 he has been locuming, mainly as a night and out of hours vet in small animal practice but recently spent some time doing genuine mixed work again.
He joined A. P. Vet as an employee in 2017 when he started doing locum work and has become a partner in 2019.
His main interests are cats, reptiles, pet nutrition, acupuncture and soft tissue surgery. He is confident in all aspects of first opinion practice including sole charge and hout of hours.

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